The World of Diablo IV

April 21, 2023 8:37 PM

The primary world of Diablo IV is a vast open world medieval apocalypse with a gnostic atmosphere, blood, gore, and dark humor. Sanctuary is a place of misery, decay, and suffering.

1. Open World

Diablo IV is a medieval RPG, inspired by occult, demonic, and biblical themes rather than traditional high fantasy. The world will be larger than ever before, with regions 10-20 times larger than any region in prior Diablo games.

2.Regions in Sanctuary and Hell

There are five distinct, contiguous regions in the open world: Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, Dry Steppes, Kehjistan, and Hawezar. We will also visit the realm of Hell. More regions may be added post-launch.

3.Local Events

The open world offers numerous activities. Events range from common events, like the Drowned attacking the coastline, all the way up to world boss events, like Ashava, the Pestilent.

4. Towns and Strongholds

Over 100 settlements of various sizes are planned for release; this includes Towns and Strongholds. Major towns are the social hubs of the game, where you will find quests, vendors, a waypoint, and other players. You can inspect other players, trade with them, or look for a group.


Waypoints return as a way to fast travel large distances.

To help with navigation in the open world, there is a navigation system that lets you mark a destination on the map, which will show the shortest route to that destination on the map.

6.Story and Campaign of Diablo IV

Diablo IV takes place decades after Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Malthael's campaign killed 90% of Sanctuary's population and left the world in shambles. Heaven's gates are closed and the Angels have abandoned humanity.

After eons in exile, Lilith (Daughter of Mephisto, Mother of Sanctuary and Humanity) was summoned to Sanctuary by a dark ritual, for which the Triune is responsible.