Classes in Diablo IV

April 21, 2023 8:39 PM

The game will feature five classes at launch: Barbarian, Druid, Sorcerer, Rogue, and Necromancer.

1.Barbarian Class in Diablo IV

The fan-favorite Barbarian is focused on visceral and brutal physical combat. Most of the Barbarian skills will be familiar to players of the Diablo universe.

The Barbarian is one of the most iconic classes of the DIablo franchise. With an arsenal of mighty weapons at their disposal, these huge Northern berserkers have a well-earned reputation for ferocity and relentlessness in battle. For players who enjoy going toe-to-toe with their enemies in close melee combat, the Barbarian fulfills every aspect of this amazing class fantasy. There is plenty of bandwidth in this class to satisfy all manner of physical combat, from the classic Whirlwind to Frenzy to Berserking, to carving up their foes to spill their blood on the field of battle. Prepare yourself!

2.Druid Class in Diablo IV

The iconic Druid returns from Diablo II with a familiar mix of elemental, shapeshifting, and summoning abilities. Shapeshifting will be seamless by using certain abilities associated with a specific form (Werewolf or Werebear).

Druids are an extremely versatile class, with many ways to play them. Enjoy the spell-slinging elemental action of a caster? Want to turn into a wolf to shred your enemies with fast and ferocious claws, or a bear to withstand the most punishing blows? Why not combine these in new and exciting ways?

Unlike the Druid in Diablo II, the Diablo IV druid is fluid. You can pick both Wolf and Bear forms, switching seamlessly between them to make a fast-attacking Wolf that's got the survivability of the biggest, baddest Bear. You can combine the elemental forces of wind, earth, and air to confound and destroy your enemies -- even mix a shapeshifter with a caster if you like. There are a variety of Companions to choose from, or even select more than one -- swarming Ravens, targeted fortifying Wolves, or poisonous immobilizing Vines.

3.Sorcerer Class in Diablo IV

The powerful but fragile Sorcerer wields elemental magic to devastate their enemies from afar. Skills can light up dark rooms.

We love the Sorcerer because we crave the life of a master of the arcane elements and ancient knowledge, alone in the wilderness fighting demons and voracious beasts. Whether you fancy evoking the fiercest of hell's flames to incinerate your foes, calling down cataclysmic bolts of lightning to tear them apart, or freezing them to the core with the power of ice and the blizzard, this class has something for you.

However you choose to play the class, some things will be the same. You can do massive damage, but you can't absorb a lot of it yourself. You generally want to stay at range rather than going toe-to-toe. And, you will want to be very focused on your synergies and your gear and your skills in order to make the best of your class. A legendary item that works great on a Fire Sorcerer might well be useless to one who prefers to use Frost or Shock.

4.Rogue Class in Diablo IV

The Rogue is a high mobility class that kills with finesse and speed, while being both a ranged and a melee DPS who uses swords, daggers, bows, and crossbows to defeat enemies. This class has elements familiar both to Assassins from Diablo II and Demon Hunters from Diablo III.

The Rogue is making a comeback after taking a break from the Diablo franchise for a few titles. Combining lessons learned from the Assassin and the Demon Hunter, Diablo IV's Rogue is back in good form. With both ranged and melee abilities, and access to stealth, traps, and and a decent defensive kit, the highly mobile Rogue is formidable in both group and solo content. The Rogue is well able to take on pretty much whatever is thrown at them in whatever form a player may prefer, and with enough variety that a different build can almost feel like a different class. Be it stealth and shadows, bows and traps, Poison or Ice, the Rogue is in and out, job well done.

5.Necromancer Class in Diablo IV

The legendary Necromancer is a scythe-wielding purveyor of death. A summoner that wields blood, shadow, and bone magic. They are a ranged and melee DPS while being supported by their army of the dead. You can be a summoner or you can decide to play with no minions at all. This class has elements familiar to Necromancers from both Diablo II and Diablo III.

The Necromancer in Diablo IV will feel both familiar and new to those who have played this class in prior Diablo franchise games. You can summon a platoon of undead minions and golems to accompany you across the Fractured Peaks and beyond once the full game releases while hurling curses, dealing out spell damage through Darkness, Corruption, Bone, and Blood, and summoning Bone Spears and Walls to further inconvenience and indeed destroy those who dare oppose you.

We anticipate finding many different ways to play this class, but all aspiring Necromancers will have similar experiences in some ways. If you play Necro, you must carefully consider balancing offensive and defensive capabilities; you are lightly armored and frail compared to Lilith's minions. You will likely find that groups of lesser enemies prove easy fodder for you, but strong single bosses are a greater challenge. And, of course, your gear and, in particular, your legendary items and aspects are of prime importance and must be chosen carefully.