Gear and Itemization in Diablo IV

April 21, 2023 8:41 PM

Like Diablo III, Diablo IV has a Personal Loot system, where loot is generated separately per player.

Anything will be able to drop anywhere, similar to previous Diablo games. However, each monster family will be more likely to drop certain item types than others. For example, Bandits will have an increased chance to drop Maces, Crossbows, and Boots; and Drowned have an increased chance to drop Pants.

Characters can equip a total of 10 items, except for Barbarians, who are able to wear a total of 12 because of the Arsenal system, and Rogues, who can equip a total of 11 items.

1.Item Qualities

Item Qualities are a mix out of those from previous Diablo titles, consisting of Normal, Magic, Rare, Legendary, Set, and Unique items.

2.Item Types and Properties

The appearances of weapons and equipment are based on the region they are found in.

On top of differing weapon speeds, each weapon type will have inherent physical characteristics which cannot be modified. Here are a few examples:

Bows: +X% Damage to Distant Enemies

Daggers: +X% Damage to Close Enemies

Staves: +X% Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies

Wands: +X% Lucky Hit Chance

Weapon tooltips will contain the weapon damage per second (DPS), damage range (X-Y Damage per Hit), weapon speed (X.XX Attacks per Second), and the item affixes.

One change coming to Diablo IV is that the chance an item will proc its Lucky Hit effect will adjust itself in the item's tooltip. Each skill has a different proc coefficient, which is the probability to trigger a Lucky Hit effect. The items will now show the correct chance to trigger their Lucky Hit effect based on your equipped skills. This helps the player to better determine how likely it is to pull off the Lucky Hit effect with their current setup.

3.Item Affixes

Item Affixes will have randomized values within a range and will not be static, with some exceptions when it comes to Legendaries, Sets, and Uniques.

When it comes to regular item affixes, Magic Find and Gold Find will exist (or at least in a similar form), but they will not compete with damage affixes.

+Skill Rank affixes from Diablo II are returning to Diablo IV. Different skills roll on specified item slots — for example, some skills can be found on pants, others only on weapons.

Here are some examples of affixes:

Offensive Affixes: +X to Strength, +X to [Skill Rank(s)], +X% Attack Speed

Defensive Affixes: X% Damage Reduction while Evading, X% Fire Resistance, +X Max Life

Utility Affixes: X% Cooldown Reduction, +X% Movement Speed, X Socket(s)

4.Legendary and Unique Powers

Legendary Powers exist on Legendary items, and Unique Powers exist on Unique items. These can be generic (for every build), category-specific and skill-specific. Some examples follow:

General Legendary Powers

Enemies hit with Basic Skills increases the damage of your next Core Skill by x20.0%, up to x50%.

Class-Specific Legendary Powers

Sorceress: Each time Chain Lightning bounces off you, gain 6 Mana.