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Diablo 4 Skill Points and Trees

Diablo 4 combines permanent character progression with features that allow players to customize. To achieve these goals, we reintroduced the mechanics of skill points and talent trees.

Players can obtain skill points through upgrading, and rare classics in the game world can also give you extra skill points. You can spend the skill points directly, or save the points for high-level skills that have not been unlocked, or you can spread them across a variety of different skills, or invest all of them in your favorite skills to make these skills more powerful.

Each class has its own talent tree for players to customize and build characters, but you may have to pay for your choices. For example, a magician can give up some powerful ice-related abilities to enhance mobility or lightning damage. Druids can focus on the talents of the bears and become full-fledged melee fighters; even so, druids can still use the skills of werewolves or spellcasters, but their power may not be so amazing. What kind of character you want to portray is entirely up to you, and the talents you invest in will reflect the results of those decisions.

The further back the talent tree is, the stronger the talent will be, so please choose carefully during the growth process!

Open World and Multiplayer Experience

Unlike previous games in the Diablo series, Diablo 4 has a full open world. This means players will be able to play and explore the five distinct areas in any order, at any time. Sanctuary will become a world of flesh and blood, waiting for you to explore and loot at any time. "Diablo 4" will bring you new features such as: monster ecological environments based on regions, player-shared worlds that host public events, and town attractions that can become social centers No longer feeling alone (though the desolate atmosphere of the game remains the same.

Whether you are a player who likes multiplayer, or an adventurer who likes to go deep into dangerous situations alone, you can find your own gameplay in Diablo 4.

You can slowly experience the complete plot by yourself in the story mode, or you can play the story mode with your friends, the game progress will be synchronized with the captain, so there is no need to worry about whether you forget to do something.

Although most places in the game world are free to enter and exit, there will still be a small part of each area that is restricted by the story mode. After completing the objectives of the story mode, these areas will be opened to other players. This means you might see another party of adventurers pass you by, or you might accidentally stumble into an event another player is going on, or run into a world boss they're challenging. And you don't need to join a team to participate in these activities, the choice is yours, you can fight alongside them, or continue your own journey.

Areas of Diablo 4

Scorsglen Zone

The druid's homeland is green and rainy, and the land adjacent to the coast is full of lush woods. Werewolves are lurking in the thickets, and a new race of monsters, sea corpses, has taken over the haunted coastline, ready to bury its unsuspecting victims under the sea.

Fractured Peaks Zone

Pious priests belonging to the same sect live in seclusion in this icy, isolated mountain. They practice and seek Taoism here, but they don't know that terrifying monsters lurk here in the intricate dark underground caves.

Dry Steppes Zone

Dry Steppes has a harsh and difficult environment, and only those who are extremely stubborn or desperate will call it home. But beware: the inhabitants of this land will stop at nothing to survive, from simple highway robbery to brutal cannibalism.

Hawezar Zone

Witches and fanatics call this snake-infested swamp their home, and they dig deep into the dark depths in search of ancient artifacts. Unsuspecting travelers can quickly find themselves in dire situations.

Kehjistan Zone

As we saw earlier in Alcarnas and Kardeum, the deserts of Kehjistan are the perfect place for growing cultists to hide their tracks. They quietly occupied the abandoned ruins, seeking the power to bring the three ancient sources of evil back to the world.


The dungeon will be an independent dungeon experience. While exploring an abandoned ruin, you won't encounter passing adventurers, but you can form a team of up to four players to take on more difficult challenges and earn more rewards for yourself.

The dungeon experience has become the benchmark element of Diablo. The map layout and the events that may occur inside the dungeon will be designed to be randomly generated. Dungeons include indoor and outdoor scenes, combinations and combinations of different terrains, and also provide a completely uninterrupted exploration experience, because players will no longer be interrupted by loading screens when moving between different floors or scenes.

Diablo 4 will also introduce a new mechanism: Dungeon Objectives, which can guide your adventure and give you the opportunity to challenge more dangerous enemies and obtain more generous rewards. After you complete the dungeon objectives, the objectives will continue to be updated, and the dungeon may also send stronger enemies and more difficult challenges to deal with you. Each dungeon goal is tailor-made for different dungeons, because we want to give each dungeon its own characteristics and style. There are hundreds of dungeons in total, including countless events, so that every time every adventure is unique!

There are three main aspects of the game to design the dungeon in the later stage of the game. These three aspects are: rich and diverse content, extremely in-depth strategic components, and a game experience that players can lead by themselves. Today I want to share with you a brand new system we call Key Dungeon. After you find the key in Sanctuary, you can upgrade the existing dungeon to a special late-game version. This version of the dungeon will have higher difficulty, more generous rewards, and special dungeon attributes. This kind of dungeon contains random characteristics, but players can know its strength and attributes in advance, and choose their own skills and equipment in advance. In this way, we have achieved the three aspects just mentioned, so that the late game experience is both unique and varied.

Monster of Diablo 4

Saint Huary's Monster

You know exactly where you want to go and kill them, and you know how to take care of them. But who exactly is your enemy? Let's introduce some of the enemies in Diablo 4.
Monster Group

In order to create a new realistic experience for Sanctuary, we took a completely different approach to creating and designing these monsters. Monster packs are usually made up of different enemies on the same theme, in the same area, and each monster will be part of a monster pack. Let's take a look at one of the new groups - sea corpses:

You can find sea corpses off the coast of Scorsglen. You can't find them anywhere else in the game world, so if you want to hunt them down, you'll have to head to where they are. Each monster has a special or signature ability that complements other pack members, making them even more powerful when fighting side by side.

Redefine Properties

Properties work a little differently than they used to. You'll still see classic effects like Molten, but the new multishot stat might catch your eye, and when applied to certain enemies, it can drastically change the game's strategic gameplay.

Here we take the fallen demon group as an example. Fallen ranged attackers with the multi-shot attribute can shoot three projectiles at you at once, which is conceivable. However, with this stat on Fallen Shaman, your first priority will be to stop him before he revives three enemies at once instead of one. Attributes will change your perception and tactics of the enemy, and when they act on different enemies, the game experience will also be different.

Asawa and the World Boss

If you played the BlizzCon demo, or watched the game trailer carefully, you may have noticed our first redesigned world boss: Isava. Aisawa is an ancient demon lurking in the world of Sanxiari, and players must gather the strength of everyone to have a chance to defeat him.

Not only do you need to recruit friends (or at least team up with several players) to challenge Asawa, but you must also continue to pay attention to the abilities she casts in the process, and use your abilities carefully so that you have a chance to challenge success. Dodge her deadly attacks with basic Dodge skills, and use the new Bash mechanic to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Bosses are immune to crowd control effects, but once certain thresholds are met, players can "knock" bosses, making them lose certain abilities, or weakening them. When fighting Assawa, knocking her down will destroy the blades on her arms and greatly reduce the range of Whirlwind, giving you and your friends a better chance of surviving against her.

Diablo 4 Plot

Set in the Diablo series' world of Sanctuary, Diablo 4 takes place 30 years after the events of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Cultists have summoned the main antagonist and daughter of Mephisto, Lilith. After the events of previous games, the forces of demons and angels have been depleted, allowing an opening for her to establish power in Sanctuary.

Prior to the game's events, Lilith and the angel Inarius created the realm of Sanctuary to provide refuge for those who wished to escape the eternal conflict between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. This demon-angel relationship led to the birth of the Nephalem, a race that the protagonist falls under neither Angel nor Demon, but a distinct combination of both. Those in Sanctuary believed that this power would bring attention to their shelter and, as a result, the inhabitants spoke of destroying them. Lilith, not wanting her children to be killed, destroyed any that opposed her, causing Inarius to banish her to the void.

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