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Diablo 4 is a role-playing game in which Items are a very important element of the game. In the game, players can get a variety of items, including weapons, armor, accessories and so on. These Items can provide different attribute bonuses and skill effects to make the player's character more powerful. At the same time, Items are also divided into different rarities, from ordinary white Items to legendary orange Items, players can get different quality Items in different ways.

Diablo 4 Items Types

Diablo 4 is a very classic role-playing game, in which there are many kinds of Items. Here are some common Diablo 4 Items:

Weapons: Swords, Daggers, Axes, Hammers, Staffs, Bows, etc.

Armor: helmets, breastplates, shoulder pads, leggings, gloves, shoes, etc.

Accessories: necklaces, rings, amulets, etc.

Special Items: Runes, Potions, Gems, etc.

Of course, each profession and role has its own specific Items requirements, so the specific Items type needs to be determined according to the profession and role.

What are Diablo 4 Items useful for?

The Items in Diablo 4 can provide bonuses to various attributes of the character, such as increasing attack power, defense power, life value, and so on. Different Items also have different special effects, such as increasing skill levels, providing additional life recovery, and so on. By collecting and equipping different Items, characters can become more powerful.

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Diablo 4 Has Gone Gold - Development Has Finished!

diablo 4Everyone is in luck, because the Diablo Twitter account has officially announced that Diablo 4 has gone Gold - meaning the development of the game has finished!

Going Gold is a term used in the video game industry to indicate that a game has officially ended the development phase, and is now ready for release and sale. With 50 days left until the official Diablo 4 release, we're excited to hear that things have officially wrapped up, and all that is left for us is to wait!

Early Access for the Diablo 4 release begins for eligible players on June 1st, while the rest of the world can enter sanctuary on June 6th - we can't wait to see you there!

Gear Selection and Itemization in Diablo 4

Players coming from other games may find Diablo 4's gear and itemization a new experience. Instead of farming a particular mob or place to get a specific dropped item with predictable stats and item levels, Diablo 4's system is modular and much more flexible. You can re-roll an undesirable trait. Legendary powers, known as Aspects, can be moved to other Rare or Legendary items. You can Upgrade gear to improve its item level and raise core abilities.

The key to gearing in Diablo 4 is understanding the different traits gear can have and what can and cannot be changed. This system is surprisingly flexible and customizable, but it has its limitations.

Each item's tooltip includes the following:

Inherent Physical Characteristic (2): 0-2 fixed qualities based on gear type.

Item Affixes: 1-6 bonuses depending on gear quality. One may be changed.

Legendary Aspect (if applicable): 1 major bonus on Legendary items. This can be learned from a variety of sources, and in some cases can be moved or changed.

Unique Property (if applicable): 1 major bonus on Unique items.

Gear Properties in Diablo 4

All items above Normal quality have two properties: Inherent Physical Characteristics and Item Affixes. Understanding how these work not only will help you learn what you can and cannot change, but also may be a key element to planning your gear strategy.

Inherent Physical Characteristics

An item's Inherent Physical Characteristics are fixed traits on Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Unique items based on the item type. These are permanent to that item and cannot be changed, although the values will improve with higher item levels. Normal-quality armor and weapons do not have Characteristics, and there are no Normal-quality Rings or Amulets.

This chart shows the Characteristics based on the gear type. Two items, Legs and Boots, can have one of a few different Characteristics, or no Characteristic at all (Characteristics on Magic Legs or Boots is very, very rare). Rings have two different Elemental resistance Characteristics instead of a single Characteristic.

How Characteristics Influence Gear Choices

Understanding how Characteristics work can have an impact on your weapon and offhand choices in particular. Everyone wears the same armor pieces, but you have a variety of weapon choices, and for some classes, whether to use an offhand with a one-handed weapon or a two-handed weapon. A Frost Sorcerer who utilizes a lot of crowd-control effects may prefer a Staff. A Barbarian, with four possible weapon slots, will be better able to tailor those choices to particular abilities to improve Crit Strike, Overpower, or initial damage to Healthy enemies. A Werewolf Druid might prefer a Dagger for the Close Enemy damage or a 1H Sword for Crit Strike, along with a Totem offhand for the Spirit Cost Reduction; Overpower from a Mace isn't going to be that helpful to that spec.

As an aside, since Offensive Legendary Aspects have double effectiveness on two-handed weapons, this will also play into your decision about what type of weapon to use. We'll discuss more about this later under Legendary Aspects.

Understanding the Inherent Physical Characteristics of possible equipment can help you hone in on the best choices for your class and build.

Item Affixes

Item Affixes are desirable traits added to Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Unique items, such as "+1 to All Defensive Skills" or "14% Damage to Slowed Enemies". There are a very large number of Magic Affixes possible, not all of which may be "best" for your class or spec. Normal (white quality) items have no affixes.

Different types have different ranges of possible affixes. Magic and Rare items can roll within a range of possible affixes; Legendary and Unique items have a fixed number.

Unique Properties in Diablo 4

At this time, only a very few Uniques have been seen in previous betas. This is because only one Unique, the Butcher's Carver, can drop in difficulties 1 or 2, and it requires Level 50 and opening up Difficulty 3 to get other Uniques.

Many of these have been data mined and appear elsewhere, but we fully expect that many of these will be reworked before launch. At such time as we get reliable data, we will be posting separate guides on Unique items.

However, based on what we know, we can deduce a few things:

Unique Properties are specific only to that Unique item, and likely will not be able to be removed and Imprinted on other gear. If they did end up allowing such a system, it is likely to be a one-time Imprint like it is with dropped Legendaries, and will probably require a lot of gold and materials.

Item Affixes also appear to be fixed and related to the Unique Property or flavor of the Unique item. It's unlikely you will be able to re-roll these, and again, prices will likely be high if they do allow it.

Upgrading Gear

You can Upgrade a gear's Item Power by visiting the Blacksmith and paying varying amounts of Gold and crafting materials. Upgrading gear raises the following:

Armor Rating for armor pieces

Weapon Damage for Weapons

Inherent Physical Characteristic and Item Affix values for both

Upgrading Rings and Amulets works the same, way, except that you will need to visit the Jeweler instead. Rings and Amulets also upgrade Item Level, which also increases their Inherent Physical Characteristic and Item Affix values.

Upgrading Weapons is a particularly useful choice, since all classes use Weapon Damage as the base value of any skill damage. Since low-level Upgrading is cheap, it pays when leveling to visit the Blacksmith, particularly if you get a very good weapon.

Jeweler Crafting Overview for Diablo 4

-Crafting Gems

-Adding Sockets to gear

-Unsocketing gems

-Upgrading jewelry

All services provided by Jewelers are performed in exchange for both material and gold costs. The material cost is gems or ore which can be gathered as you adventure throughout Sanctuary.

You can learn more about crafting materials in our Crafting Materials Overview, including what they are used for and where they can be found.

Diablo 4 Game Content

Diablo 4 is also an action role-playing game like its predecessor, players need to kill demons and survive in a randomly generated dynamic open world. Gain experience, level up, unlock skills and runes, and get random loot to strengthen your character. There are five maps in this game. Players can freely choose the order in which to play each area and experience the journey in the open world. The first announced playable classes are Barbarian, Sorcerer, Druid, Rogue, and Necromancer.

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